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22 Apr A Ha! Moments: A New Orleans Keynote Video Recap


This week I want to share a video recap of a recent keynote I was thrilled to give down in New Orleans. Not only was this a great group and audience, I was lucky enough to join them afterwards on an evening river boat cruise on the Mississippi where I had the chance to further get to know and chat with everyone.

One thing that came out of this for me was all of the amazing feedback I received from attendees. Check out this video and take a peek at the biggest “a ha!” moment we discovered as well as some of the neighbourhoods I visited and friendly locals who were gracious enough to let me share some magic with them!

From here I will be incorporating this top takeaway from my keynote, and more, that I’ll be sharing in the near future, so stay tuned, and check out the video below.

Testimonial Video – Dr. Daniel Vasquez

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