28 Oct A magical visit to The Lockhart, Toronto’s Harry Potter inspired bar

Ever since hearing about the new Harry Potter inspired bar in Toronto, The Lockhart, I’ve been wanting to visit.

With all the media coverage and hype, I had expected it to be a Harry Potter themed  bar (like visiting a theme park), so when I arrived, my preconceived ideas were proven wrong. The bar does a great job of paying tribute to the books with small details, while still having a strong identity of it’s own.

As the staff created new drinks with their potions and elixirs, I started to entertain them with some of my magic.

Owner Paris conjures cocktails from potions, elixirs and elemental fire!

Owner Paris conjures cocktails from potions, elixirs and elemental fire!

Soon people from down the bar and surrounding tables came over to participate, creating a shared experience of wonder and connection.

2015-10-27 19.57.54

Magic transformed separate tables of strangers into a cohesive group.

One patron later told me he had arrived at The Lockhart after a hard day and he was feeling low. He said my magic had completely turned his day around. All the things he was worried about had disappeared and he was feeling completely present and engaged. It meant a lot to him and I was honored that he shared this with me.

Paris Andre Jaime Dan at The Lockhart

Magic changed the lives of all of us.

I love magic because it brings people together. I use it as a tool in my keynotes and workshops to help people focus on the material being delivered, learn and retain more information, and engage their creative problem-solving abilities.

Magic helps people to leave worries and distractions behind, and be present in that moment. Because magic appears to defy the laws of physics, it changes their emotional state and creates curiosity, a feeling of wonder and child-like joy.

At a cerebral level, I know this to be true, but I got a very real reminder of the impact it has on others, even in a casual setting.

Lockhart owner Matt experiences magic right up close.

Lockhart owner Matt experiences magic right up close.

Thanks to owners Paris and Matt and their staff for welcoming me to The Lockhart and all their clientele for being so much fun. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to experience this great place that’s full of magic.  If you’re in Toronto be sure to visit The Lockhart, but get there early before the lineup starts!

Potions and Elixirs

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