Magic is something that many people dismiss merely as entertainment, but it’s so much more.

The performance of magic deals with perceptions and awareness. It takes what people think they know–what they are experiencing with their senses–and shocks them with something that appears to defy the laws of physics. This contrast between what is perceived and the actual reality amplifies brain activity. The audience is able to completely focus on the material being delivered, learn and retain more information, and engage their creative problem-solving faculties.

During his keynotes, speaking engagements, and workshops, Dan leads groups through an experience that enables them to change the way they think. Challenging the audience’s assumptions allows their perspectives to shift, and opens them up to new and exciting ways to tackle problems. 

Dan can help make your meetings, retreats and conferences stand-out successes by:

1. Setting the energy and tone for the event.

This is particularly useful when Dan is the first presenter at an event with mandatory attendance or facilitating a group experiencing stressful situations. Magic has the ability to create a “short circuit” effect in the participant’s brain, interrupting their current thinking. They can let go of the stresses they arrived with and fully absorb the content being delivered on the day. Dan excels at tailoring his presentation to complement and enhance the content of other speakers in attendance.

2. Increasing retention and application of information

Dan uses humor to deliver his content.  Humor has been proven to increase performance by reducing anxiety, boosting participation, and increasing motivation to focus on the material.

Studies have shown that participants are more likely to recall information about a topic when it was presented with humor. Humor can lead to more real world application of the material delivered, and increase the overall satisfaction participants report having with their learning experience.

3. Engaging your participant’s creative problem solving

During a magic trick, Dan controls and directs the audience attention. As the trick unfolds, the audience is led to believe that something is happening in particular way. But Dan also strips away all possible rational explanations leaving magic as the only seeming alternative. This sparks the participants minds into new and creative ways of thinking. The real magic takes place when Dan directs the participants new mental state towards helping them deal with their own challenges in business and life.

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