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09 Jan Shift Your Perspective 1% to Increase Your Success

In January people start examining their lives through a magnifying glass and realigning themselves with their goals and what they want to do better in their work and lives.

During this time approximately 50% of the North American population try to change their own habits and replace them with new shiny ones.  But with a success rate of only 8%, this strategy isn’t a good one.

In this article we’ll explore how you can shift your perspective to making small changes over time to create big results by using the 1% method.

The same old approach to change

The text most overnight Successes are Overhyped Successes with a cartoon moon.

When we try to rush to the end goal, we often fail or give up.

Often when starting to think about making changes, we try to jump to the end and try to get to our goal as quickly as possible. This habit actually sets us up for failure.

Did you know that people who view money management as a day to day habit save 78% more than people who set big financial goals?

The reason? When you are too focused on the end goal, it’s easy to make small compromises that put off better decisions until tomorrow.

While the big goal is what excites people, they often over-estimate the amount of change they can make quickly. Most “overnight” successes are hyped to focus on the tipping point and fail to recognize all the hard work that came before that.

With the knowledge that true overnight successes are rare it’s important to shift your perspective a little. Instead of placing your attention on the end goal, focus more on the smaller changes that can occur day-to-day, also known as the 1%.

For an example of the changes 1% can make, check out this short video:

Scaling your perspective down to the 1% mark

Everything you are right now is a sum of your habits which are made from the small decisions you make every day. To increase your chances of long term success over time, focus on what you can do 1% better today.

Magnifying glass with 1% inside and the words Increase your chances for success by Focusing on What you Can Do 1% Better Today

Even the smallest steps over time make a huge impact.

1% is not a big leap, it’s literally the smallest thing you can do in the positive direction of where you want to go. These small steps contribute to the larger cumulative effect of our successes.

While there is very little noticeable impact to start, over time these small improvements, which we often underestimate, create huge results over time.

How to put the 1% into practice

Let’s say you have a goal to be more productive at work. You’ve found that sometimes you are easily distracted, or you get caught up on the wrong things. Here’s some ideas to start with 1%.

  1. Look at your email for the first time 5 minutes later than normal and focus on something important.
  2. Schedule 1 thing into your calendar that you need to do but haven’t blocked off time in the past.
  3. Clear your mind and improve your focus by going for a 5 minute brisk walk outside during your breaks.
  4. Ask 1 additional question to try to understand colleagues perspectives better.
  5. Clean up 1 part of your desk before going home for the evening.
  6. Take 30 seconds to think of three things you’re grateful for.

If these examples seem too small, you are on the right track. If they seem too big, start even smaller.

How can you use the 1% principle in your work today?

Excellence then is not an act but a habit

Although the philosophy behind the 1% Principle is simple, I challenge you to shift your perspective about your goals and implement small changes today. These are inherently more likely to contribute to your overall self-improvement as well as any intentions, objectives and ambitions for the future.

So what are you going to do? I’d love to hear any ideas or 1% changes that you’ve made? Send me an email or tweet me at @dantrommater


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