In addition to being a sought-after speaker and facilitator, Dan Trommater offers a variety of sophisticated styles of magic for your next event. Your guests will be amazed by Dan’s incredible magic and will remember your event long after it’s over. While all of Dan’s magic is family-friendly, his presentations are geared toward intelligent adults. Most importantly, Dan fashions these incredible moments without embarrassing your guests or making anyone feel foolish.

Subjective Realities Show

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Subjective Realities Magic ShowPerfect when you need an entertaining show that also offers thoughtful content.

This amazing and witty show:
• explores the fact that reality is subjective
• engages your guests with audience participation
• uses magic and optical illusions to challenge your guests assumptions
• is perfect for Client Appreciation events and Holiday Parties

Dan Trommater’s Subjective Realities show is incredibly entertaining while being so much more than just ‘entertainment’. This is much more than a simple ‘magic show’ – it’s an entertaining extension of Dan’s keynotes and training sessions that explores the fact that reality is subjective – what’s ‘truth’ for one person, isn’t necessarily ‘truth’ for another. Your guests will laugh and experience stunning magic while having their assumptions challenged. It’s an experience that will leave them with indelible memories of your event. (This show is a 45-60-minute presentation perfect for 20-500 guests.)

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Mingling Magic

Mingling MagicMingling with your guests and performing for small groups, Dan produces pockets of excitement and creates a buzz throughout the room. This is the perfect choice for entertaining many people without disrupting the flow of your event. Dan specializes in customizing his presentations to convey your organization’s messages through the use of magic. Your cocktail hours, hospitality suites and special promotions will be enhanced by the addition of Dan’s award-winning sleight-of-hand.



Cocktail Magic

Dan Trommater performing Cocktail MagicIf you are having a casino night or hospitality suite, Cocktail Magic is the perfect choice.  Cocktail magic is similar to Mingling magic in that both are performed right up close to the guests.  In Cocktail magic, Dan stays in one location and guests gather around for the show, coming and going as they please.  Dan stands behind a raised table and wows your guests with an on-going presentation of magic and comedy. It’s a style of entertainment that focuses on fun interactions, big laughs and amazing magic. It creates a level of fun & energy that is unequaled by any other form of magic.

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