28 Sep Watch List: 6 TED Talks About Illusion That Will Make You Doubt Your Own Brain

Neuroscientists, Illusionists and “Mathmagicians”, oh my! If you’re anything like me, and are intrigued by the magical and sometimes mysterious ways our brains work, you’ll need to add these 6 TED Talks curated by to your autumn watching list.

I love magic and illusions because they offer both a sense of awe (an important experience that fosters innovation and problem solving,) as well as an opportunity to challenge our assumptions. These are two things I am passionate about.

So choose your favourite cozy spot, put your feet up and see if you can wrap your minds around what is “real”, and challenge your ideas of what is possible.

1. Optical illusions show how we see | Beau Lotto

2. Brain Magic | Keith Barry

3. Two nerdy obsessions meet — and it’s magic! | David Kwong

4. Lightning calculation and other “mathemagic” | Arthur Benjamin

5. How I held my breath for 17 minutes | David Blaine

6. The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) | Marco Tempest

Oh, and if you haven’t already, check out Magic, Dance and Quantum Physics. You’ll see a very familiar face at the 4 minute mark. 🙂

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