The Astonishing Power Of Positive Workplaces

If you’ve ever been on public transport in morning rush hour, you can see how most people view going to work. You rarely see people who look excited to go to work. Turns out, only about 30% of people are. Time spent at work takes up a...

Conversation Meditation
Conversation Meditation – The Art Of Mindful Listening

We've all been there. Sitting across the table from someone, trying to have a meaningful conversation, only to have them break eye contact every time their mobile phone dings. Standing at a party or networking event, trying to learn more about another person, only to have them...

How To Bounce Back From Challenges

My Dad was my hero and I lost him. In his place, I got something I never expected. I looked up to Dad for advice and guidance and he never let me down. We camped, and played baseball, and worked together on the farm. Born of solid...

The Incredible Benefits Of Learning New Things
The incredible benefits of learning new things

Whether we notice or not, most of us tend to repeat the same tasks day in and day out. This constant repetition can make life boring and monotonous. Don't get me wrong--I'll be the first person to tell you that routines are good, and that there's...

How do you eat an elephant
How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Over the past couple years, I’ve managed to radically change my outlook for the better. I’ve gone from focusing on what was wrong with my life (and as a result, being pretty unhappy) to being a rather cheery, optimistic guy who is able to see...

Dan’s Biggest F*ck Up 

Our culture fears failure. From an early age, we're taught that there's just one 'right' answer to any problem. At school, we're expected to give the 'right' answer on the test. If you give anything other than the answer the teacher is seeking, you've failed. If...

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