An extraordinary TED talk

At 14, Christian Picciolini went from naïve teenager to white supremacist - and soon, the leader of the first neo-Nazi skinhead gang in the United States. Who would have guessed that he would later become an example of the power of empathy and compassion? Often when we...

How Empathy Helps Drive Sales
How Empathy Helps Drive Sales

Have you ever seen a Mentalist? Mentalists are performers who use magician's techniques to make it seem they have extraordinary mental powers. When presented properly, they seem to have a sixth sense that allows them to read people's minds. And while salespeople aren't mentalists, the great ones do have...

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How Empathy Makes You A Better Leader

Let's try out a little magic trick. Before you continue reading, I'd like you to think of three jobs that will employ the most people in the near future. Done? Great! Now I'm going to use magic to read your mind and tell you some of the jobs...

10 Essential Habits of Extraordinary Managers
10 Essential Habits Extraordinary Managers

Some managers appear to be natural born leaders. But research shows that very few (including those who've gone on to be recognized as fantastic managers) exhibit leadership qualities early in life. Most people become great leaders thanks to practice, mentorship, and experience.  Some of the world's biggest companies have taken...

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